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4 min readAug 2, 2019


for the weary traveler of ranked roles, solo queue, or anything other than turbo. You have to be a position 5 player though!

*Above results not guaranteed

AKA I’ve decided that since I’m on the fence about signing up as a player for the upcoming season, I wanted to offer up my help to a couple of position 5 players that want to follow me into the depths of hero spamming. Just kidding. For those of you who have gotten this far and laughed, decided it doesn’t apply to you, or if you’re wondering why I’m posting a blog about this… I’ve read a lot across LD2L that coaches are difficult to find. While I’m not of the same caliber as our beloved coaches in the #coaching channel (hi Blackjack, Tree, etc), I wanted to offer my viewpoint as a way to get a deeper level of analysis and help than you would get as a quick text based answer. Since this isn’t a one-off post in a text channel, I’m hoping more people will get to see it.

What I’m willing to help with:

  • Watching games live/live coaching and pointing out mistakes or parts of the game you should have noticed but might not have(e.g. enemy pos 4 coming to lane without regen).
  • Watching replays and writing text based reviews or hopping in a channel with you to discuss
  • Watching live league-based games (e.g. LD2L/RD2L mini) and providing feedback after the game in text or via voice chat.

What I’m unable or unwilling to help with:

  • Pos 1, 2, 3, or 4 stuff. (See below)
  • Drafting/meta advice.
    I pick first unless my cat is running across my keyboard and I don’t really follow the meta. As such, I can’t tell you what heroes are meta or how to draft. I can give you advice on generally favorable match-ups and position 5s that I feel are strong or easy(ish) to pick up.
  • Extended/detailed analysis of heroes I don’t play (looking at you, Shadow Demon). I’d be more than willing to help you out with general lane positioning, starting items, and objectives but if you ask me when you should have used xyz combo as a hero I don’t play, I’m going to refer you to one of our resident shadow demon playing nerds.

My merits:

  • I like DotA a lot and I have a pretty free schedule, so I should be able to help if you’re not in a weird time zone
  • I will answer most any question about general position 5 stuff — from communicating with your team to itemizing.
  • I’ve played a lot of games as certain heroes and I can help a lot with them so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. (See below)
Get it? The mistake is my win rates :( … Haha

Who I’m looking for:

  • Players in LD2L or affiliated with LD2L in the 1k to 2.5k range who enjoy playing hard position 5. I am by no means the best sacrificial player 5 player in the league. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for tips on how to be the best position 5 midas-rush Ogre, I’m not the coach you’re looking for.
  • Someone who wants to learn/improve. Not looking for military-style discipline here, just like, be engaged with the process. I have limited bandwidth to coach and I type lots of words, so if I can only help a few people, I’d like to help those who want to climb as a position 5 support (either some of the time or all the time).
  • Players that almost fit the above criteria but not really.
    No, seriously. If you really want a coach but you don’t like me because I’m a salt lord or whatever, I’ll try my best to find someone who can help you. No promises though.

A few last notes:

  • I’m a game away from 4k MMR and started in this league at 2.3k. I have climbed solely as a position 5 in solo-queue ONLY, so I know it can be done. I am not an amazing RD2L 5k giga brain player. My mechanics are questionable at best. However, I have been coached by some great players and played a lot of pos5 games. My advice won’t be perfect, but I’ll be straight with you if I don’t know something and try to find someone who can help you.
  • I’m looking to start with no more than three people to coach given that I don’t know how much each person will want from me. Korgoth took the first spot since I bounced this idea off him. If you’re interested, DM me on Discord. Even if you’re not one of the first three, I’ll keep a list.
  • Please give me an idea of what you hope to achieve or what you think your weak points are when you message me. “I want to learn pos5” is not a good starting message. “I want to learn pos5 because I’ve tried it and picked Dazzle and I seem to lose lane and then get overrun with enemy wards” is a much better message.




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