An offer of assistance…

for the weary traveler of ranked roles, solo queue, or anything other than turbo. You have to be a position 5 player though!

*Above results not guaranteed

AKA I’ve decided that since I’m on the fence about signing up as a player for the upcoming season, I wanted to offer up my help to a couple of position 5 players that want to follow me into the depths of hero spamming. Just kidding. For those of you who have gotten this far and laughed, decided it doesn’t apply to you, or if you’re wondering why I’m posting a blog about this… I’ve read a lot across LD2L that coaches are difficult to find. While I’m not of the same caliber as our beloved coaches in the #coaching channel (hi Blackjack, Tree, etc), I wanted to offer my viewpoint as a way to get a deeper level of analysis and help than you would get as a quick text based answer. Since this isn’t a one-off post in a text channel, I’m hoping more people will get to see it.

What I’m willing to help with:

What I’m unable or unwilling to help with:

My merits:

Get it? The mistake is my win rates :( … Haha

Who I’m looking for:

A few last notes:



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