Why Queen Cerys’ Revenge is the best LD2L team

4 min readOct 4, 2018
Captained by Cerys with comic relief from our mascot, Sausage.

Alright, I’m not going to talk about myself because my team is full of awesome people and my real contribution was bringing this dream team together.

General Facts:

  1. My team is one of the most versatile in the league. Sure, you might think you can ban out Duck (good luck) so that you can win mid and snowball off that. You can’t. Jotham, Pool, and Ugh are all highly capable mids. Jotham, Pool, and Duck all play pos 1, 2, and 3. You might think that it’s not that scary. Well, Ugh and Minu are just as valuable and you should be upset you didn’t pick them. They both play core, are talkative during games, and are crazy versatile. I recognize that I’m the least versatile player on my team, but I picked these sandbaggers to carry me.
  2. We’re currently competing with Megaera/Bubbles for the ‘Most Improved Team award’. Since I drafted my team, Duck and Jotham have both hit Legend 1 from their original ranks of Archon 5. Ugh has made it to Archon and I recently hit Legend 2. These are super high potential players that have dedicated the first two weeks of the season to perfecting their play in this zany meta. We’re only going to get better.
  3. Everyone but me is super PMA. Enough said.
  4. Our coaches give us end of game feedback that we try to implement. Sometimes.

Player Stats, Praise, and Bragging:

xXduckonquackXx: Versatile player with an extremely wholesome name and week one fantasy point winner. I still can’t believe he slid under everyone’s radar as he had that monster win streak on his profile on the day of the draft. How can you not draft a guy that stops mid Meepo so thoroughly in an inhouse? Duck is the ideal mid player (even though he plays every role in the game). You can trust him to tell you what hero he wants to play and if you give him the slightest amount of space, he will win his lane and create space all over the map via a line of enemy corpses that herald the path to the enemy ancient.

Jotham: We all know that there aren’t many super strong offlane players in LD2L. It’s been the suicide lane for too many months. It requires a strong (read: crazy and thrill seeking) personality to face off against the best safe lane carries in the league. Jotham not only faces off against these beleagured cores — he actively hunts them down across the map. He plays Axe, Brew, LC, Timber, Centaur and pretty much every offlaner you could ask for during draft phase. Extremely valuable player that will be working in tandem with Minu and Ugh to tilt safe laners all season.

In_The_Pool: Poolgod. Enough said.

Jokes aside, Pool is an extremely underrated sandbagger from the fabled lands of RD2L. He doesn’t complain when I abandon him in lane (even though he should) and doesn’t say anything when he double leaps in as Mirana to slaughter the enemy supports. Cool guys don’t talk to their pos 5’s when doing work, apparently. While some of his heroes aren’t in the meta at the moment, I have no doubt he could play any of the meta cores at a competent level. I still can’t believe I got him third round. As long as fantasy football doesn’t keep him from DotA and he can tolerate my attempts at learning new supports, I’m 150% confident that we can do well against any offlane in the league.

Minu: Minu and I haven’t gotten to play much since the season started, but I have faith I’ll get to see plenty of his amazing plays as the season goes on. He captained a team last season and that experience is another great boon for our team. His phoenix play in our first week was exactly what we needed — he bought smart items to counter Ursa and enable Duck to do more magic damage. He has wonderful synergy with Jotham and great insight into the game. He talked me through a rough Oracle game and I’m grateful. Idk how y’all let me draft him but thanks!

Ugh: Poor Ugh. He shows up to our games even when the timing isn’t the best for him, given that he’s in Ireland. In case you didn’t notice, Ugh had an extremely favorable inhouse record and low key infuriating win rates with a bunch of pos 1 cores on his Dotabuff. As I mentioned above, he’s already climbing. I feel bad for putting him on position 4 — I don’t think it’s the role he loves, but you wouldn’t know that from his attitude and kick ass Elder Titan plays. He had great item timings, amazing synergy with Jotham’s Centaur and a cool accent to boot. (Krug, your days as ‘the guy with the awesome accent’ might be numbered — a new challenge has arrived).

All in all, I think my team is great and I’m sure we’ll go on to do great things in the League. Even if we don’t make it to finals, playing with this team is super fun and I’ve learned a lot from them already. Also, shout out to Gachi and Tree for coaching us through our mistakes and accepting us as we are. You guys rock.